What are the chances of meeting people with the same passion for eating grilled cheese? That’s the case of the people behind greenspansgrilledcheese.com who were lining up at a grilled cheese station during one of the office parties held back in 2015. They totally went for it, had some silly conversations about grilled cheese, and the rest was history. Today. this website may look funny to others, but for many, it’s a website they never thought they needed

Get to know the people behind greenspansgrilledcheese.com more.

Rolando Valdez

He started it all. At first, everyone thought that it was a stupid idea to build a website just for grilled cheese. However, it’s bizarre nature is what makes people crave for its existence.

Shaun Xi

There is nothing Chinese about grilled cheese. But who cares? His blood runs on melted cheese anyway. He believes that grilled cheese recipes can still evolve, and so his weird but satisfying recipes appear on the website from time to time.

Bjorn Bates

He may look tough on the outside, but he is soft inside. Just like his favorite grilled cheese sandwich. He shares honest reviews of grilled cheese sandwich stores that he encounters, so you don’t have to suffer if they suck.

Katherine Rogers

Our resident photographer. Well, after every shoot, she makes sure that she eats all the grilled sandwiches before everyone else comes in.