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6 Fun Facts about Grilled Cheese

1. Grilled Cheese did not start out a sandwich. During World War II, it was just one piece of bread with a slice of cheese on top. The 1960s was when the topper was added.

2. LA once had a Grilled Cheese Invitational. From 1993 to 2014, self-proclaimed experts gathered to compete, where one of the makers would be crowned THE BEST. Sadly, the fest ended three years ago. But feel free to start an invitational of your own!

3. Mayo is the Secret Sauce. If haven’t found a grilled cheese that satisfies your childhood memories, look no more. It’s mayo. The recipe below will show you exactly how and when to apply this creamy, yummy, crisp-sandwich-making ingredient.

4. One sandwich has about 300 calories. This is according to, but you can always make it with low-fat or no-fat cheese if you don’t want all the calories.

5. …