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Do you ever wonder why Americans love cheese so much? We will tell you why

All About Cheese

Cheese is surely one of the favorite kinds of food people enjoy, and that’s especially the case for Americans. Back in the 1970s, the popularity of mozzarella skyrocketed — the reason why was the rise of fast-food restaurants, take-outs, and deliveries. More precisely, the food to blame for this rise in popularity was pizza!


Pizza is well-loved in all corners of the world. Even though it used to be strictly Italian, it found its way to America quickly and gained popularity thanks to large fast-food chains that perfected delivering fresh pizza to customers quickly and without a fuss. Nowadays, anyone will tell you that the main ingredient without which pizza isn’t pizza is cheese.


After its popularity developed, people found other types of cheeses. Speaking of types, one of the lesser-known facts about this dairy product is that there are around 2.000 different kinds of